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Who we are

Fincore’s roots are in risk management for investment banks. We started in the 1980’s. We’ve come a long way since.

The company’s directors, Predrag Popovic and Soeren Christensen, met while working in risk management at Nomura International in the late 1980’s.

Soon after, they founded Finsoft, to develop innovative, transformational software for the financial services industry.

Finsoft also applied its risk management expertise to the gaming industry, creating a market-defining software platform for gaming and sports betting. And it expanded into other sectors, including government and aerospace, through development of business collaboration, process management and workflow software.

The gaming part of the business was sold in 2007 as Finsoft, and the other businesses were spun out into a new company, Fincore. Fincore re-entered the gaming market in 2012. Our fast-growing gaming software business is now known as Fingaming.

In the financial services sector, we have a long-term relationship with the European Central Bank, powering a data application that models every financial instrument in every EU member state – an exceptionally complex task against which we have delivered consistently. In 2016, we have launched a data management product that builds on this experience, and which can be used in any market sector that handles large scale or complex data.

Our workflow and data management products both harness the power of data to transform the way organisations work, and we make them available, together or separately, as the Finworks Platform.

What has always set us apart is our vision – and ability – to interpret the world as data, and to engineer software that builds on that premise. It’s challenging, both intellectually and technically, but it creates all sorts of possibilities. And as our clients have understood, these possibilities are not restricted to particular sectors. Every kind of business, market, event or process can be analysed as data. We can transform organisations in any sector.

What drives us, though, is the importance of data always working for people. We believe in the power of data to transform lives, within businesses and in the world outside them.

Who We Are

Key people

Predrag Popovic

Predrag Popovic

CEO Fingaming & Group CTO

Soeren Christensen

Soeren Kier Christensen

CEO Fincore & Finworks


William Scott



Working with us

Our business is built on exceptional work by a world class team of strategists, data scientists, solutions architects, systems architects, business analysts, project managers, problem-solvers…

We operate in an open, collaborative and creative working environment where individuals have a high degree of autonomy and responsibility. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, you won’t find a better place to work.

We’re always interested in hearing from like-minded people with talent and potential. If you are interested in Fincore, please look at our open positions below, or get in touch and send us your CV.

No agencies, please.

Working With Us

Current vacancies

We are continually hiring the best talent in the marketplace. If you are interested in working with us, please send us your CV.

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