Tihomir Pelici

Tihomir Pelici

Chief Information Security Officer

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Since designing his first Web-based information system in 1995 when he took over the management of the key infrastructure parts for the University of Belgrade, Tihomir knew what he wanted to be doing for the remainder of his professional life.

In 1998 he met the founders of Finsoft [the previous incarnation of Fincore] and has been working with them ever since. In 1999 he was tasked with creating a subsidiary in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from scratch, which he successfully did and ran it for the next 14 years, later opening new subsidiaries in Sofia, Bulgaria, and later Belgrade, Serbia.

After the sale of Finsoft in 2006, Tihomir took the role of Fincore’s CTO, which he held until 2016, with achievements such as moving the infrastructure into virtualisation and later private cloud setups, making it ISO27000 compliant and successfully passing regular thirdparty audits and vulnerability/penetration tests.

With security more and more crucial to industry survival and following explosive company growth, the CTO function had to be split into multiple positions within which Tihomir chose security as a path forward and thus took over the CISO role.

Tihomir has an information systems engineering degree from the University of Belgrade with a major in Management Information Systems.